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Nina Rønde


Nina Rønde’s design stands out by having a rustic and at the same time a feminine distinctive character. The collection is a journey from Italy over the Byzantine to the Far East.

Names of jewelry

The creations are primarily named after epoch-defining female artists, and several of them have acted as a source of inspiration for Nina’s design.


“A piece of jewelry that you choose carefully is not just an item you adorn yourself with. You add an artistic expression to your visual narrative simply by wearing it. See each of your favorite pieces of jewelry as interpretations of the specialness that exists in you. Through the metaphorical language of the jewelry, it opens up an insight into who you are as an aesthetic being.”


Jewelry design has filled Nina’s life for so long that she doesn’t remember when it started. When her sisters went swimming by the cottage, she gathered stones on the beach. It was not the brightly colored porphyry and granite that excited her, rather the natural shine of the black lava or the shimmer in the flint’s surface. She composed the stone collection on the cottage terrace, on shelves, on window sills, and it was as if for her a new visual language emerged in the colors and the interaction of the shapes. Later, the layout of her living rooms, the direction of an everyday meal or a walk along the edge of the woods had not just a rational aim. The daily doings were accessed from an aesthetic angle – which gradually became a way of looking at the world – gradually reflected in the music she heard, the poetry in bouquets from the ditch edge flora or the moods of the urban districts in the countries she visited.

Nina became a student at Værkstedet for Smykker og Brugsting by Goldsmith Carsten From. Now she was no longer in any doubt as to which way to go. She looked to new places for inspiration: At the School of Visual Arts, with a portrait photographer and at a cartoon studio – while sneaking off to design jewelry at every available moment. Since then she has been around the country and exhibited her collections in castles and marketplaces. And all of this led to the fact that today she has rediscovered the “beach summers” in her jewelry store, Nina Rønde Jewelry by the Round Tower in the center of Copenhagen. Here she carries out what she has dreamed of since she was a child: for most of the hours of the day Nina is immersed in putting personality into the shaping of her organic jewelry, and sometimes she has to pinch herself in order to dare to believe that the dream has really come true.

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