For every piece of jewelry you buy, we plant a fir tree in Denmark

It is a privilege to be able to shop

Not only will you be able to enjoy the design of your new piece of jewelry, but also the fact that you have made a small, but positive impact on the climate.

Together we can make a positive impact on the climate

New trees are one of the most effective solutions to save the climate. Fir trees grow fast and absorb CO2 very efficiently. And not just CO2 – the wood also absorbs several harmful substances. Therefore, I have decided to use part of my business profits to plant fir trees. For every piece of jewelry you buy, we plant a tree.

Trees are cared for and nurtured

All young shoots are planted in Denmark, so we can ensure that they are not harvested. Because even though we are a small country, we have plenty of hectares suitable for forest growth. Professionals take care of the new trees until have grown big enough to stand on their own.

The long-term climate goal

From a long-term perspective, it is about creating new forests in Denmark. In addition to the climate benefits, it will bring new wildlife and insect diversity. And we will be able to spend more precious time in nature and the forests. It is healthy for animals and humans alike.

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I work with organizations such as ‘Klimatræ’ (Climate Tree) and ‘Growingtrees’.

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